Minding Me WellnessShakti Space

What’s Included:

  • A LIVE class with Celine each week (Class is recorded and saved within Shakti if you miss it!)
  • LOTS of Pre-recorded classes  of different durations to suit your mood/energy levels.  I want to empower you to build a personal practice at home that fits into your life, helping you move through whatever challenge or emotional state you are in.  There are practices to help you sleep, for days when you are in your moon cycle, to work on each of the 7 energy centers and MUCH MORE!
  • New inside Shakti Space, is also a bespoke 40 day Awaken Your Energy Programme, this is for you if you are looking for deep transformation in your life and are ready to commit to a daily practice for 40 days.  In yogic philosophy, it takes 40 days to break a habit.  So when we commit to a short practice every day for 40 days, we break any habit that is blocking us from our expansion, from connecting with our true self.  It is a journey of self discovery, awakening your energy and your spiritual self.

Join ANYTIME and get access straight away for the month and more!

Minding Me WellnessShakti Space

Hi there wonderful woman. I see you.  

You are a beautifully emotional being that can get floored or overwhelmed by your own emotions.

Your mind is constantly busy and you feel exhausted by your own mind

Your can get stuck on negative thought patterns and don’t have tools that bring peace to your mind

You get very stressed and don’t know how to release stress from your body

You feel stuck in life and/or find it difficult to make decisions

You regularly feel depleted in energy throughout the month

You try to squeeze in self care practices but don’t notice any impact


When we consciously clear & balance our energy on a regular basis, we will begin to notice subtle changes on a daily basis & radical transformation over time

Are you ready?!

It takes courage & commitment to face yourself and step into your expanded self. But you are capable. And I want to show you how

What IF …

What if you could quieten the mind and activate a place of stillness in your mind

What if you could channel your overwhelming emotions 

What if you could initiate and continue your own healing journey at your own pace in your own home

What if you could feel stronger physically, mentally and emotionally as well as enhancing your spiritual connection

What if you could connect to a deep sense of peace within regardless of what life challenge you are navigating  

What if you felt a real sense of self love despite what you may be experiencing in your external environment

What if you could start to live your life from a much more conscious place

You can make this your reality. You will find all the tools to make it possible inside my Shakti Space membership.


Why Me?

Hi I’m Celine and I help women feeling stuck or stagnant with their energy, emotions and thoughts using awareness, movement, breath, mantra, healing & intention so they can reconnect with themselves. 

I have trained in many energy modalities over the years: bio energy and reiki healing, kundalini yoga & meditation, yin yoga, radiant body yoga and sacred ceremonial cacao.

I’m also super passionate about helping women tap into the different energies within their menstrual cycle, as these changing energies hold so much wisdom when we work with them rather than against them.  

Yoga for me is not about being flexible, it’s about shifting energy. Inside Shakti Space you’ll see how I blend all my passions together to create beautiful and powerful classes, meditations, rituals to help you choose a practice that really nurtures your soul.

With every class and tool you’ll find inside Shakti Space my aim is to create a deep experience so you can hit the internal pause button and connect with the deep well within your heart. 


Shakti Space is perfect for you if: 

You have an open mind, are looking for change and are ready to commit to yourself 

You would like to make a conscious effort to systematically clear your energy centers, release emotions, feel more at peace in yourself using a range of different practices (yoga, movement, mudra, breath, mantra, guided meditations, reflection exercises)  

You may or may not have a regular yoga practice, but would like to explore powerful practices

You are open spiritually and would like to explore more and/or deepen this connection

You find it difficult to meditate or would like to deepen your meditation practice

If this stirs the strings of your heart & you feel the call, I’d so love to have you in Shakti Space!!

Shakti Space gives you access to LOTS of pre-recorded classes that you can choose from depending on your energy or emotion of the day, different durations from 10mins to 1 hour. 

-Plus a weekly LIVE class (recorded if you miss it). 

-If you are looking for deep transformation, there is now a NEW 40 day programme inside that I will guide you through.  



40 day Programme – Awaken Your Energy

The Awaken Your Energy is a 40-day yoga inspired program to help you release and enhance your energy.  We are energetic beings, all our thoughts, emotions, behaviours are simply energy.  When we take time to clear our energy regularly, it helps us to manage stress, overwhelm, negative thoughts, feelings of stagnancy and opens us up to our spiritual nature.  

The programme is self paced, you can start anytime.  You decide how much time you have each week.  Ideally, if you can commit to 20 mins daily practice along with one 45-60 minute class per week to get the most from the programme.  You can of course give more or less time depending on  your schedule. 


Each week I will recommend:

– A powerful 45-60 minute class to work on a particular energy flow

– A short 15-20 minute daily practice 

– A guided audio meditation (for days when you want to lie down rather than practice yoga)

– Question Prompts for your journal each week

– Weekly LIVE morning or evening Class 

– Fortnightly zoom Q&A after LIVE Class


The programme combines different styles of yoga (including kundalini kriya, yin yoga, vinyasa flow) and meditations (including breath, guided, mantra). You don’t need to be flexible or super fit, its much more about bringing an open mind & heart.  All the classes focus on directing energy within our bodies, to help to clear & enhance our powerful life force.  


Days 1-6 – Root – Release & Ground into our Bodies

Days 7-12 – Sacral – Transmute & Balance Emotions

Days 13-18 – Navel – Ignite your Power & Vitality

Days 19-24 – Heart – Expand into our Hearts

Days 25-30 – Throat – Authentic Expression

Days 30-35 – Anja – Deepen your Intuition

Days 36-40 – Crown & Aura – Awaken Your Energy 


Once you sign up for Shakti Space YOU decide if & when you would like to begin 40 Day Awaken Your Energy Programme.  

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More on Shakti Space ..

Shakti Space holds yoga classes, meditations, yogic tools and practices that you can integrate into your life in your own time. I created Shakti Space as a place where you can go to shift your energy field, transmute emotions, release stagnant energy, meditate, access your subtle body, awaken your intuition and your inner Shakti.

You can join ANYTIME and get access straight away to all the content and live classes for the next 30 days.  All live classes are recorded and saved in Shakti Space for you to do in your own time at home.

Shakti means power, it is our feminine energy, our creative energy that when flowing opens us up to healing and transformation. I believe having a daily sacred practice where we can invite our shakti energy to flow is the missing link for the new evolution of women today. I want to empower you to tune into your body and choose a practice that best suits you on any given day, given our cyclical nature as women.

Shakti is always present deep within you and her energy is so healing. My deep desire is that we all as women begin to awaken to our shakti energy as we evolve and grow together.

Shakti Space 

June 2022

June 2022 – LIVE Classes 

Each month we will have a different theme focusing on a different energy centre, with practices to help us with different emotional states to bring balance & harmony to our body, mind & soul.