Minding Me WellnessShakti Space

What’s Included:

LIVE Yoga classes Thursday morning at 10am 

All live classes are recorded and saved in Shakti Space

NEW pre-recorded content loaded every month

BONUS monthly session – Next one up – Summer Solstice Yin & Biofield Tuning Event on 21st June @ 8pm – 10pm

Join ANYTIME and get access straight away for the month and more!

Minding Me WellnessShakti Space

Shakti Space holds yoga classes, meditations, yogic tools and practices that you can integrate into your life in your own time. I created Shakti Space as a place where you can go to shift your energy field, transmute emotions, release stagnant energy, meditate, access your subtle body, awaken your intuition and your inner Shakti.

You can join ANYTIME and get access straight away to all the content and live classes for the next 30 days.  All live classes are recorded and saved in Shakti Space for you to do in your own time at home.

Shakti means power, it is our feminine energy, our creative energy that when flowing opens us up to healing and transformation. I believe having a daily sacred practice where we can invite our shakti energy to flow is the missing link for the new evolution of women today. I want to empower you to tune into your body and choose a practice that best suits you on any given day, given our cyclical nature as women.

Shakti is always present deep within you and her energy is so healing. My deep desire is that we all as women begin to awaken to our shakti energy as we evolve and grow together.

Shakti Space Monthly ThemeJune 2021 – Rooting & Grounding

The June theme will be all around Rooting & Grounding with all classes, practices and bonus sessions created to help us to relieve stagnancy, fears, feelings of overwhelm so you can move through any stuckness in your life.

Each month we will have a different theme focusing on a different energy centre, with practices to help us with different emotional states to bring balance & harmony to our body, mind & soul.