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Minding Me WellnessUpcoming Classes & Events

All online classes are included in Shakti Space Membership Price.  Non-members can avail of drop-in rates .  Book drop-in option below.  

Class Type: In-person

Full Moon Gathering Malahide Beach

This is an intimate beach gathering under the Full Moon in July led by myself & Niamh from Biofield Tuning, for a heart opening evening of Cacao, Yoga, Biofield Tuning, Meditation, Moonrise & Stargazing, and an optional swim after underneath the light of the Full Moon while embracing the stunning Malahide Beach.

Schedule: Wednesday 13th July 2022 Price : €45

Class Type: In-person

Moon Tent Retreat Day Listoke House

A moon tent is simply a gathering of women around the energy of a full or new moon. To carve time out of our busy lives to be in ritual and ceremony together . To rest, to nurture, to receive healing, nourishment, sharing, to practice yoga, breathwork, mantra, different techniques to soothe our nervous systems. This very special full day retreat away will be held in delicate & uniquely feminine space of Listoke House.

Schedule: Saturday 10th September 2022 Price : €144

Class Type: In-person

Kundalini Yoga Workshops in River Holistic

This summer I’m hosting 3 kundalini yoga workshops where we will explore the power of our breath, specific movements and mantra all designed to clear our energy field, release any stagnancy and bring us into a deep sense of harmony and relaxation.

Schedule: Thursday 28th July, 4th August & 18th August at 10.30am to 12.30pm Price : €35

Minding Me WellnessMy Yoga style

Yes I’m a yoga teacher, but I would say I’m not a typical yogini in that my body is not super flexible.  For me yoga is so much more about moving and shifting energy through the body. It is about allowing old emotions to be released, feeling the uncomfortableness, the stillness, the bliss and the joy! 

Yoga for me is about helping my mind become still so I can access my inner voice.  It is then when I love to meditate using breath, mantra, visualization, healing meditations,  connecting with spirit guides (if you’re open to it!) and more. 

Yoga has been so transformative in peeling back the layers and is like the gift that keeps giving.  I love how varied it is and that you can choose to simply sit on your bum one day moving your hands to bring you into a state of stillness or on another day experience a full physical practice whereby your body & energy field feels amazing after or the bliss of yin late at night just before bed sending me off to the land of sweet nod.  It is so important that each and every class is a truly embodied experience. 

I teach and share from my heart so every class is unique.  For me, it is an absolute joy to witness & feel when students experience a deeply moving class.  I feel very fortunate to be able to share this sacred healing gift with the world!  

I hope you enjoy my classes


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